Secession: NIROH reacts to position of S’East leaders

NIROH Exco Members

Ndigbo Royal Heritage, NIROH, has lent its voice to the position of political leaders in the south east, who a few days ago, rose from a meeting to declare their support for a united Nigeria devoid of injustice and marginalisation.

NIROH, after its Security and Strategy Committee meeting declared support for the position of the leaders of the geopolitical zone, while harping that those pushing Igbos to the brink of another war under any guise must be called to order. In a statement by the President General of the group, Dr. Paul Okoye, all Igbo men of good conscience should come together to forestall the activities of these agents of destabilisation, working to undermine the needs of the average Igbo man at this point in history.  Okoye said: “NIROH supports the position of the south east leaders, following their meeting and the communiqué which pledged support for a peaceful and united Nigeria devoid of injustice. It is commendable, although it is coming a little too late; better late than never. However, I expected the leaders to call out those agents of destabilisation. To assume that those involved in these carnage know themselves is a little self-serving. We in NIROH have maintained that the Igbo man needs peace to function and the killings going on under any guise are totally condemnable by NIROH. You cannot set your father’s house on fire in the name of pursuing a rat. NIROH is committed to peace in the country as well as dignity and respect for the Igbo man to pursue his legal endeavours within the geographical space called Nigeria.”

Okoye further explained the various steps being taken by the group to forestall breakdown of law and order in the south east geopolitical zone. “NIROH in response to the deteriorating security situation has established a security and strategy committee drawn from members across the world and we have been having meetings every fortnight where we analyse the reports of events going on in every part of Igbo land for documentation and necessary actions. The Office of the President General has also been mandated to begin a virtual broadcast to sensitise Igbos, especially the youths on the need to prevent bloodshed in the name of war. Ndi Igbo can get details of the virtual broadcasts by searching the NIROH Facebook page or ‘Paul Okoye’ “.

NIROH Worldwide ( ) a global mandate initiated with the support and pioneer leadership of late Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu has been at the forefront of a cerebral restoration of Igbo glory, with members and chapters across major cities of the world.