Research: Why lipsticks are harmful to users and kissers


By Ramu B

Those luscious and perfectly colored lips are every women’s delight. Lipstick forms the most important part of our makeup and beauty regimen and without the right lip color there is absolutely no appeal left for our face.

Let us look at these side effects of lipstick here and understand how can we overcome them or prevent majority of these by just a few changes in the way we apply lipsticks. As there is simply no good substitute for a lipstick conventionally but there definitely are ingredients which we can look out for and pick the ones which are lesser evil than others.

What Are the Side Effects Of Using Lipstick

Some major side effects of using lipstick regularly are as harsh as skin cancer. But if we use lipstick in moderation and occasionally this can be reduced and with awareness of certain ingredients, we can prevent the truly toxic chemicals in our lipsticks. The cheap and low-quality lipsticks are the worst of all which not just contain harsh lead contents but also they can damage the skin around lips too. It so happens that we often ingest lipstick too, and with that, the bad toxins enter our system which can get serious. So let us learn about the contents in lipsticks and check out the most atrocious side effects of lipstick:

1. Lipstick Contains Heavy Metals And Preservatives Which Are Just Too Damaging For Our Skin:

The chemicals like lead, zinc, chromium, parabens, cadmiu, and magnesium are toxic and dangerous for not just our system but externally to our skin too. These traces of metas in lipstick which are harmful, can cause severe damages to our internal organs if ingested, which happens most often with us.

 2. Lead Has Amazing Effects On Brains And Heart:

When lead is absorbed by our body it gets circulated in our system and it adds up to hypertension and heart ailments. Sometimes it can even lead to coronary infractions and heart rate variations which can be fatal too. Lead also affects our nervous system and brain functions leading up to epilepsy and even death

3. Preservatives in Lipstick Can Cause Breast Cancer Too:

Those lipsticks which are not approved by FDA and have these toxic contents can even cause breast cancer in women. Specially the toxins in lipsticks like parabens can cause breast cancer and also more ailments. These can also cause some minor side effects like irritation in eyes and coughing or wheezing initially

4. Some Ingredients Like Cadmium Can Even Cause Kidney Failure:

Cadmium is a heavy metal which can not be thrown out by the waste management system of our body. It gets accumulated in our kidney and thus stop the functioning of kidney altogether. This is very common in many women who use cheap and poor quality lipsticks

5. Manganese In Lipsticks Can Even Cause Parkinson’s:

Some chemicals like manganese can cause severe nervous system issues and even lead up to Parkinson’s like symptoms. Though traces are needed by our body but if via lipstick heavy deposition is done in our body it gets fatal

6. It Can Also Cause Cancer In Stomach:

Chromium is a chemical present in some poor quality lipsticks which can cause some kinds of cancer in the stomach if ingested. Many low-quality brands add a lot of chromium in it which gets toxic for our body

Petrochemicals: Petrochemicals are not just toxic to us or our skin but also to the environment as a whole so they must be avoided when checking the contents of a lipstick

Butylated hydroxyanisole BHA: BHA is a carcinogen and a severley toxic chemical which affects the endocrine system, reproductive system, organ functioning and more

Butylated hydroxytoluene BHT: BHT also is a sever chemical which affects our reproduction cycle, organ system and endocrine system too even resulting in cancer in some cases

Phthalates: Phthalates are dangerous plasticides which are present in some cheap quality lipsticks can cause birth defects in children and damage the organ system of the woman too

Artificial fragrances: Lipsticks contain synthetic fragrances which are harsh chemicals sometimes and they not just cause giddiness but can lead to a long term allergies and reactions too.(Source: