Nigerians and the significance of democracy


By Dr. Paul Okoye

I am compelled to address this issue after years of sorrows and hardship, democracy had inflicted on the long suffering Nigerians by these over surfeited hypocrites called politicians. Fela had called it ‘democrazy’ but we listened not. Fela does not possess a degree from the Ivy League or the Queens Triangle. Today is a day of sober reflection because there is nothing to celebrate especially when this posthumous award of democracy to Abiola was done by a president whom democracy does not exist in his lexicon. Again the award was not to honour Abiola but to score some cheap political gain as a run down to the election in 2019.

How could we have elected Buhari when all the odds were staring us at the face? How could we have elected a man who whipped us for defecating without providing a toilet or valid alternative? At the time we elected Buhari, he had tasted all positions in Nigeria. We know who Buhari is. He violated the Constitution with impunity and has little respect for human rights. I blame Nigerians more because every president is a reflection of the people he rules. Americans couldn’t have elected someone like Buhari as president neither UK nor even Ethiopia.

I am pained to discuss this because it is a proverbial disgrace to stumble twice over a same stone. Where are they Adeboyes, Tunde Bakares, Soyinkas, Fr. Mbakas, Oshiomholes, Obamas and the rest who fought the populace to foist Buhari on us? Where are they now? Why are they not talking? Worse still, the VP Osibanjo a Pastor and Professor of law has never condemned the carnage going on in Nigeria. 

The drama is that the world sees Nigeria as a democratic nation and that makes attracting global attention impossible. I am most pained when I look at the peaceful south east, the land of my birth. The hyenas we have as governors, the criminals we re-circled as traditional rulers and the devils reincarnate we mandated as political representatives have metamorphosed as surrogates to powers routing for the extinction of the south east. Igbos have produced the worst political leadership in the history of mankind.

I only find solace in the fact that I say these things before they happen. During the build-up to Buhari’s election in 2015, I wrote an article titled: ‘The Buhari option is dangerous and risky option’. Reflecting on the state of the nation, I am compelled to share this article again. Nigerians are used to suffering and smiling. Enjoy your day.

**Dr. Paul Okoye, is the President General of Ndigbo Royal Heritage, NIROH.