Igbo Youths should be allowed to serve, says Archbishop Chukwuma



The team of Ndigbo Royal Heritage NIROH led by the President General, Dr. Paul Okoye in company of Enugu state chairman of NIROH Dr. Louis Kamanu, the Anambra state chairman Chief Emeka Obioduenyi and many other NIROH Executives paid a courtesy and awareness visit to the Archbishop of Enugu Diocese, Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwumah in the Bishop’s court at Enugu.

During the meeting, the outspoken clergyman made it equivocally clear that the Youths should be given an opportunity to salvage the nation.

In his words “Buhari said 30 years ago that the Youths are the leaders of tomorrow, it’s over 30years now the same group of leaders are still there at over 70 years! The youths are not there yet, what are they still doing there, where are the youths that they said are the leaders of tomorrow?”

In all prosperous nations, the youths are integral parts of the economy. The youths in particular, are the catalyst for sustainable development. Thus any society desirous of genuine political, economic and social reforms, formulates and implements youth friendly policies to bring positive changes and place the society on the part of progress.

The President General of NIROH WORLDWIDE DR PAUL OKOYE on His submission said that, those buying associations will not buy NIROH, politicians that are looking for association to use as a platform to achieve their selfish goals should look elsewhere not in NIROH. He affirmed that NIROH have not, will not and will never join any politician

The only people we have met are the clergymen because we believe that the power is with them, what we are trying to do is to form a common front. My problem is that they (the clergy) don’t know the power they have, that is why we are trying to form a common front. We don’t claim to have the monopoly of knowledge and power to change the igbo Nation but we believe in creating a synergy of good thinkers to pool ideas and strength together to create an enviable new Igbo Nation. An igbo adage says, anyụkọọ mamịrị ọnụ ọgbọọ ụfụfụ there is power in Unity.

The President General of NIROH WORLDWIDE declared Bishop Emmanuel Chukwumah as the prophet of our time.

We don’t want to start talking about what is happening in Nigeria or black race but we want to start recreating and redeeming our home land, because charity begins at home.

In conclusion Archbishop Chukwumah admonished the NIROH Royalties to be sincere to themselves, always say the truth, stand for the truth and defend the truth. He promised to give NIROH every support and prayers as they are faithful to God and to the course they have chosen.