Don’t allow external forces instigate internal crisis in Nigeria


   —-Dr. Paul Okoye, NIROH PG

The President General of Ndigbo Royal Heritage Worldwide, NIROH, Dr. Paul Okoye, has asked leaders of the various ethnic nationalities in Nigeria to call their youths to order in the face of growing tension over eviction notices in different parts of the country. In a statement by Okoye, he urged Nigerians to note that many African countries are waiting and hoping that they should collapse, so that other nations in the continent can rise to greatness. “Nigerians across board must ensure that other nations in Africa don’t end up laughing at them. Countries like South Africa, Ghana and others are waiting to fill the gap, should anything happen in Nigeria. They want to fill the space that Nigeria is occupying, so Nigerians of all ethnic nationalities must not help these external forces to cause internal crisis. Leaders of all ethnic nationalities must caution their youths, because we cannot afford to be like Libya, Syria or Somalia.”

Okoye further reiterated his mandate to make Igbos proud again and enjoined them to key into the vision of NIROH, the new global consciousness working to rebuild the Igbo nation. “NIROH will heal the land and reposition Igbos to take their rightful position in Nigeria and the world at large. It’s no more business as usual. We can’t afford to be a failed state. The destiny of Nigeria is in the hands of the Igbo man, the destiny of Africa is in the hand of Nigeria and the destiny of black race is in the hands of Africa. This is a tall order, but we are taking the piecemeal approach. The battle is of the brain and no warrior reveals his strategy to the opposing side. What the Igbos need in Nigeria is a level playing ground and its realisation is feasible. We must adopt the mercantile policy and do what the Asian Tigers did. A new prosperous Igbo nation is possible. God is on our side,” he noted.