Abba Kyari and his bundle of ant-infested firewood


I am very proud of my Igbo heritage. Anyone nurtured within the geographical enclave, constituting Igbo land, would have more reasons to feel so. The experiences and attitude, the culture, especially the language, is always instructive and provocative. Proverbs are an intrinsic part of existence there, and people who cannot fathom them are derided as half-baked, and often seen as ‘those whose mothers’ dowries were wasted’. So you must sit up in the usage of the language, to prove that your ‘mother’s dowry was useful’. This language attitude is so intense that complex situations get narrated with one line of proverb.

After reading the various versions of Abba Kyari’s issue, the proverb about the lizard and the man who fetched a bundle of ant-infested firewood, came to my mind. Of course, anybody who goes to the forest to gather firewood filled with ants should expect guests like the lizard. When one plays too often with the spirits, he is bound to begin to smell like them. May be Abba, a man loved by many Nigerians for his crime-busting instincts, indulged way too much with the wrong characters, he was hunting; the implication is what we are all seeing today.

Several damning reports are out there describing his present ‘gbege’. One says a US court has issued a warrant of arrest for him. Another says he collected as much as $1M from Hushpuppi. Another says he was a regular guest at Hushpuppi’s home in Dubai, UAE. Another, a response from him, pathetically admitted to know Hushpuppi via the social media after he indicated interest in some lovely fashion items, he displayed on his wall. He also agreed to have arrested a man Hushpuppi alleged was after his family, whom he released when no incriminating evidence was found against him.

The truth is that every version of the story out there is anti-Kyari, even the one from him. So the police arrest and detain people, before investigating them? At his level as a DCP, he made a statement admitting this age long institutional bias? There are many take-aways from the Kyari in a petri dish today. The cat and the rat could actually be friends, contrary to the perception of the public. It is obvious that Kyari, like many government officials in his shoes always fail to learn from history. Why on earth does he think judges are ethically forbidden from being seen openly indulging in parties? It is to shield their office from sending wrong signals as regards bias while discharging their duties. The reality is that one must choose a career he would be able to uphold its code. I am one of those who believe that Abba Kyari, could have paid his condolence visit to Obi Cubana without being dragged into the frenzy that it attracted. Yes, he could go there, pay his obeisance and leave without posing in the photos with a glass of wine. A reverend father should not lead the procession to pacify a deity.

I am sad and disappointed that this could happen to him. So many people are happy that he was so implicated, but I am pained that each time the country tries to raise a role model for the upcoming generation, something happens to prove that no ideal person exists here. For the legion of guys on this divide, it has offered yet another opportunity to argue that everyone is bad, only that they have not been caught. But there are still many good Nigerians out there. I know.

Well, Abba Kyari, has God to thank that an OBJ is not the President at this time. He would have been taught the difference between khaki and leather.  An OBJ, would have fried him like he did to Tafa Balogun. In spite of the side talks about PDP, their government was intolerant of brazen issues of corruption. Once so many voices begin to shout, the person is screwed. That is because the party (then) was democratic to the extent that one man, not even the President could wield that absolute power. There were caucuses driven by interests and most government policies were determined by the number of caucuses aggregating towards or against that decision. This is in great contrast from what we have today. The guys in APC are democratic to the extent that it oscillates not around PMB, but his body language. That body language, whether mythical or institutional will provide succour for Kyari. In the next couple of days, another incident would happen to shift everyone’s attention from this issue. Just watch…